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Unlocking Africa’s potential

With an abundance of natural resources and promising sectors such as Energy, ICT, Construction, Education, Agriculture, and Tourism, Africa is best positioned to become the provide the heist return of investment (ROI). The Summit will be a golden opportunity to bring to the forefront high-growth industries and local entrepreneurs and promote new opportunities to the absolute best of the investment world and raise capital.

New Era

Africa has entered a new era for investors. The ongoing reforms and new laws in most countries related to the private investment legal framework are very positive indicators on the investment environment to attract FDIs. Through ATIGS Dubai 2023, African countries will be able to send out a strong signal to the international business & investors communities while increasing their international stature.

Partnering with Key Stakeholders

The event format will be specially designed to facilitate peer engagement between representatives from various African countries, and international stakeholders. High-level Country, business and private sessions will be on the agenda to create multiple opportunities for participants to establish direct contact, initiate concrete dialogues, develop new business, co-investments, and strategic partnerships.

Nation Branding

ATIGS Dubai 2023 will serve as a Nation branding campaign to create momentum that will lead to increased exposure of several African countries. The bespoke Marketing, Media Relations, and Social media strategy that have been designed will contribute to significantly enhance the reputation of Africa as the next big market and reach target audiences efficiently and trigger engagement.