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ATIGS is a unique opportunity for investors. Africa is a land of diverse opportunities; the consumer market, workers and resources are vast and varied. This diversity means that there are opportunities for nearly every investor. ATIGS 2023 aims to provide unprecedented access to these opportunities – all under one roof. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify emerging investment trends, opportunities and risks.
  • Understand political risk from experts across multiple jurisdictions in Africa.
  • Broaden your exposure in the investment marketplace and create a positive impression.
  • Align your brand to the “African Growth Story” and position your commitment to the region.
  • Break-out sessions about investment opportunities – how, where, and why to invest in Africa.
  • Learn more about resources and incentives available to support business investment in Africa.
  • Meet face-to-face with investment promotional agencies from various African nations and government officials from Africa to learn about resources and incentives.


  • Direct access to global investors with interest in Africa.
  • Network with serious investors looking for opportunities in the African market.
  • Connect and pitch your location face-to-face with foreign and domestic investors, preeminent business leaders and high-level international government officials.
  • Learn how to effectively identify, target, and execute your investment attraction strategy.
  • Showcase the advantages of foreign direct investment of your respective market location in the exhibition hall. These can be tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Opportunity to have a branding signage featuring your agency logo displayed prominently in the exhibition hall.
  • Share investment practices know-how & valuable knowledge.
  • Create or maintain a strong following within the industry and the investment community.


  • Hold bilateral meetings with global companies looking for international partners.
  • Build alliances among professionals and stakeholders from around the world.
  • Showcase the advantages of international trade in your location in the exhibition hall.
  • Opportunity to have a branding signage featuring your organization logo displayed prominently in exhibition hall.
  • Opportunity to launch new services that will be seen by highly-qualified professionals.
  • Maximum media exposure reporting from the event about your services.
  • Highlight country or city key growth sectors & potential to reignite interest.


  • Pursue new business opportunities across Africa.
  • Inform yourself on tenders, bids and consortia.
  • Learn about export programs designed to cut your time to various Africa’s markets.
  • Enrich your network by hosting a site event.
  • Understand regional business standard, rules, regulations, and channels.
  • Explore trade opportunities in Africa and expand your business into Africa.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Learn about resources and incentives directly from TPOs from various African countries.
  • Find regional agents to represent your company.
  • Gain entry into new markets and generate new sales leads and increase your brand awareness.


  • Position and brand your country to stimulate FDI
  • Enhance Economic Development in your country through PPP
  • Promote Trade and Showcase Investment Opportunities in your country
  • Meet face to face with hundreds of EDOs and hundreds of global investors in one place
  • Secure funding, investment, and financing for infrastructure projects in your country
  • Conduct bilateral, G2G and G2B meetings


ATIGS is the ultimate trade and investment summit to experience a comprehensive display of companies around the world, high-level government officials, business leaders, TPOs and IPAs from various Africa nations under one roof. The summit delegates and speakers will be unparalleled in their level of seniority, relevance and influence. The highly focused gathering provides the ideal platform to meet directly with IPAs from various African countries whose purpose is to attract inward investment to their respective countries, regions or cities and also TPOs from various African countries whose purpose is to promote external trade to their respective country, region or city.

Furthermore, here are some general reasons why you should attend Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit 2023:

  • Create strategic partnerships and expand your network.
  • Meet face-to-face with high-profile governmental decision makers.
  • Identify key opportunities in Africa to determine long-term strategies.
  • Delegates drawn from all continents to expand local and global connections.
  • Engage in valuable dialogue with a focused conference program.
  • Hold bilateral meetings with government officials from across the African continent.
  • Establish or enhance strategic relationships and understand Africa’s markets and its benefits.
  • Identify new and emerging markets in Africa ahead of your competitors.
  • Network with trade officials, leading private sector experts and like-minded businesses active in overseas markets.
  • Acquire insight into major challenges for doing business in Africa.
  • Interactive deal-making, private sessions and project roundtables streams.
  • Prestigious evening gala dinner and exceptional premier networking opportunities.
  • For professional development and advancement.
  • Meet people who can unlock the business opportunities in various African countries.
  • Cut down on months of travel to multiple countries in Africa by meeting African government officials, TPOs and TPAs from various Africa nations in one location.
  • Take advantage of the one-on-one meeting opportunities with prospective business partners
  • A lineup of many tours, golf day and site visits.
  • ATIGS 2023 will draw attention from an extensive national and international media presence before, during and after the event.
  • Hear from a variety of high-level government and corporate speakers.
  • Schedule private, one-on-one meetings to make meaningful connections.
  • Moderated panels on the latest investment trends and trade trends analysis.
  • Network with participants that come to the event ready to make business, trade and investment deals.
  • Connect across industry sectors.
  • Enjoy a unique business atmosphere.
  • And much more